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Speer Ammunition was started in 1943 by a shooter himself  who was frustrated by the lack of reloading components supply available for himself and his fellow gunman.  Speer Ammo claims to understand the ammunition needs of shooters because Speer Ammo is comprised of shooters who know what works and what doesn’t work. 

Perhaps Speer Ammo is best known for their Lawman line of ammo which is very popular on LuckyGunner.com.  Lawman was debuted over 35 years ago and has earned a reputation of being a high-performance and reliable product.  Speer’s Lawman brand is competitively priced and made up of reloadable cases, clean-burning propellants and reliable CCI primers! .

In 1943, Vernon Speer saw the need for quality cartridge components. It was widely known that the ammo companies of that period wouldn’t sell bullets to civilian shooters because of World War II. The average shooter couldn’t simply acquire the cartridge reloading parts they needed for their cases. So, Vernon Speer solved that problem. He started making ammunition components, specifically, hunting rifle bullets.

Even though Speer’s initial offerings were hunting rifle bullets, his jacketed handgun bullets were specifically designed for hunting and could also serve law enforcement purposes. Taking notice of law enforcement ammunition requirements and what was available, in 1960 he loaded some of his mass-produced jacketed handgun bullets into previously loaded cases.

These complete cartridges would come to be known as the Lawman line of cartridges. Even though they were originally brought to market in the 1960’s, the Lawman line has grown and evolved with the years. Today, the Speer ammo line exists under the Vista Outdoors umbrella along with well-known companies such as Federal Premium, Independence, American Eagle, CCI, and many other brands.  

Today, Speer is based alongside CCI in Lewiston, Idaho.

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If you are the type of shooter that not only prefers custom loaded rounds, but also loads them yourself using time-proven components you chose yourself, then the Speer bullets are perfect for you. Speer manufactures bullets for self-defense, varmint, target shooting, and hunting. Multiple calibers are available, and plenty of grain weights are also available.

The first loaded cartridge created by Speer, Lawman was launched in the 1960’s in an effort to provide training rounds that mimicked the feel and performance of duty ammunition. These rounds are affordable while offering excellent consistency and clean firing. Ranging from .32 Auto to .45 Auto rounds, Lawman offers the most realistic practice you can have with your carry firearm, making you a more effective and responsible gun owner.

Speer Lawman ammunition is loaded with TMJ rounds, which have a complete jacket that totally encapsulates the lead core, including the seat. By enveloping the core, hot powder gases are not able to burn off the lead base, which means less toxic residue is allowed to escape. This makes the ammunition safer for indoor facilities, and helps protect the barrel interior of your firearm.

Because Speer is rooted in reloading, all of their cases are reloadable and manufactured to tight tolerances, bringing better quality. The rounds use clean-burning propellants, and non-corrosive primers from CCI. Thanks to clean-burning primers with no lead, barium, and antimony, there are no heavy metals at the firing point. This creates a cleaner fire, which is especially important for indoor training.